Dc04 Steel Sheet Price

Dc04 Steel Sheet Price

Steel that has been cold rolled is another one of the products that we provide

Introduction of Dc04 Steel Sheet

 For cold forming, cold-rolled steel is the material of choice

 The grades DC01, DC04 to DC07, DC01EK to DC06EK, DC03ED to DC06ED, and S215G to S325G were allotted to this product category (steel sheet)

 The grades are categorized based on the maximum allowable yield strength, and they can be further broken into the following categories

 This grade, DC01, is suitable for straightforward shaping tasks like as bending, embossing, beading, and pulling, among other possible applications

 DC03 is an appropriate grade for forming requirements including deep drawing and challenging profile applications

 Dc04 Steel Sheet Price

Specifications of  Dc04 Steel Sheet

 DC04 is an appropriate quality for applications that demand a high degree of distortion

 DC05 is a thermoforming grade that works well for applications with more stringent forming needs

 DC06 is a quality designation for a unique deep drawing that meets the criteria for the greatest amount of distortion

 DC07 is an extremely deep drawing quality that can accommodate even the most stringent criteria for deformation

Conventional single-layer or double-layer enamelling can be accomplished successfully using the steel grades DC01EK, DC04EK, and DC06EK, respectively

 The steel grades DC06ED, DE04ED, and DC06ED are all suitable for direct enamelling, as well as enamelling using the two-layer  one-firing method, and for special applications of two-layer enamelling for low-distortion enamelling

 Dc04 Steel Sheet Price

Price of Dc04 Steel Sheet

 Direct enamelling is the process in which the enamel is applied directly to the steel surface

Surface A as its own surface type
Errors such as pores, small grooves, small warts, slight scratches, and a slight discoloration that do not influence the capacity to reshape and adhere to surface coatings are acceptable

 These types of flaws are allowed as long as they do not interfere with the product’s performance

The better side needs to be defect-free so that the homogeneous appearance of a high-quality finish or a coating that was applied electrolytically is not compromised

 Dc04 Steel Sheet Price

Interesting Tips About Buying  Dc04 Steel Sheet

 The conditions for surface type A must be satisfied on the other side at the very least

The surface’s finishing

The surface can have a particularly smooth finish, a dull finish, or a rough finish

 When placing an order, if you do not provide any additional details, the surface finish that you receive will have a matte appearance

Steel Sheets that Have Been Cold Rolled
The rolling process for cold-rolled steel begins at room temperature and continues below the temperature at which the steel recrystallizes

 Because of this procedure, we have improved control over the form, thickness, and dimensions of the completed product, as well as a more consistent finish

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