Electropolishing Stainless Steel Price

Electropolishing Stainless Steel Price

In this topic, we will discuss the five benefits of electropolishing stainless steel for pharma applications
There are several ways to accomplish custom metal forms

What is Electropolishing Stainless Steel? 

 Options range from ground surfaces to rough or smooth, passivation, electroplating, polymer immersion, and electropolishing

 One of the most popular surface treatments for medical and pharmaceutical applications is electropolishing

 Electropolishing Stainless Steel Price

Features of Electropolishing Stainless Steel

Electropolished stainless steel is popular in these applications because it offers several key advantages for industry-relevant custom wire and sheet metal dies

 Below is a brief description of the stainless-steel electropolishing process and its benefits for pharmaceutical and medical applications

 What is the electropolishing process? Electropolishing or electrochemical polishing is an electrochemical process that removes material from a metal workpiece

 Electropolishing Stainless Steel Price

Electropolishing Stainless Steel Price

 The process improves surface finish by reducing surface roughness by eliminating microscopic peaks and valleys

 It is often used in place of mechanical polishing of stainless steel, which can be very abrasive

 How does the stainless-steel electropolishing method work? Stainless steel electropolishing methods are like passivation methods in that they use a chemical bath to remove impurities from the metal surface

However, there is one key difference – electropolishing stainless steel solutions apply an electrical current to the solution during the process

 The surface layer of the electropolished material dissolves when an electric current is run through the electrolyte

 All that is left is a surface that is microscopically smooth and virtually mirror-like

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