The best High Strength Steel + Great purchase price

The best High Strength Steel + Great purchase price

Increase profits and yields are gained by using high strength steel yet lighter agricultural equipment that stands up to harsh conditions in farming fields
When purchasing agricultural machinery, choose steel tools for your equipment which can improve efficiency, refuel less and yield more per acre
Strenx Performance steel offers a solution
Using this advanced, high-strength, high-quality steel, you can design spray arms that are stronger yet much lighter than you can make with conventional steel
Its benefits are: Wider coverage, fewer tracks, less soil pressure, better fuel economy, less maintenance, longer service life and higher yields

Strenx for sprayers

The total length of the spray arm can be more than 40 meters
This places significant demands on the weight and rigidity of the equipment to ensure stability of the sphere while maintaining a constant ground clearance
Farm size continues to increase in many countries
Therefore, many modern farmers need a long sprinkler system that can cover a large area in a few rows
However, as the length and weight of the spray arm increases, larger support structures are required to prevent bending or breaking of the spray arms under loading and torsional loads

 The best High Strength Steel + Great purchase price

This sometimes means that larger and heavier machines can worsen soil compaction, increase the number of passes, slow productivity, and have a negative impact on profitability or the environment

Strenx For Harvesters

The harvester is larger, more versatile, more economical, and covers more acres per hour
This can be done using high strength steel in all structural parts
Since its inception, the combine harvester, which combines the process of harvesting, crushing and cleaning, has saved mankind from a lifetime of hard labor
These operations are now more or less automated thanks to advanced agricultural machinery such as harvesters, which make every agricultural worker more productive

Strenx For Agricultural Trailers

Thinner than traditional steel, Strenx farm trailers are now stronger and lighter
If you’re looking for steel for your trailer chassis, look no further than Strenx Performance steel
Strenx Performance steel is an ideal choice for trailer floors and siding
Our customers have successfully used it on components such as Rear Seat Protection Devices, strut assemblies, tow hitches, stakes, and wooden trailer beds
By using Strenx Performance steel in your trailer chassis, you not only get pure, high-quality steel with guaranteed, durable properties

 The best High Strength Steel + Great purchase price

Compared to conventional steel, trailer components made from thinner Strenx are now stronger and lighter
This way, your vehicles can carry more loads in fewer trips
The gross weight is less when the vehicle is unloaded
So why not drastically reduce the weight of your trailer while increasing the payload, saving on fuel costs, reducing carbon emissions and improving your bottom line? Strenx steel is a great way to lighten the load
Plowing and planting in hard soil puts a lot of stress on agricultural equipment
The high strength of Strenx performance steel allows plows and cultivators to operate more efficiently
The type of plow chosen by the farmer depends largely on the characteristics of the field, the soil and the type of crops
However, the type and quality of steel used to make a plow can make a huge difference in machine reliability, maintenance costs, overall productivity, and even environmental impact
Strenx Performance steel allows plows to be lightweight so they can expand and help increase farm productivity
The reduced weight of the equipment will help to reduce the compaction of the soil in the fields and thus the degradation of the environment
A powerful, lightweight plow requires less fuel than a heavy machine
Typical grades used in plows and trusses are Strenx 700 and Strenx 700 tubing for use in plow frames, height adjusters, and attachment points

 The best High Strength Steel + Great purchase price

Contact us to find out why Strenx on your farm equipment is the key to successful crop production
You can also use Hardox wear plates to combat wear on other plow components

Strenx For Telehandlers

With a high power-to-weight ratio, this will help you handle everything with your remote
Extend reach and increase lifting capacity while maintaining vehicle strength, stability and safety
Telescopic skids made of high-performance Strenx steel can reach places where your competitors’ lifts can’t
The telescopic skid is equipped with a telescopic skid that can be attached to a variety of attachments, easily converting it into an aerial work platform, lift truck or earth-moving crane
However, many telegraph tricks are limited by their greater advantages
When it stretches when carrying a load, it becomes leverage and causes the car to become unstable
What does this mean for his lifting ability? As the distance between the front of the wheel and the load center increases, it decreases rapidly
A single skid used as a bulldozer must be able to withstand very high loads to overcome this disadvantage

 The best High Strength Steel + Great purchase price

With Strenx Performance steel, you can build your design to maintain high load capacity when lifting high and far
Pushing the limits of farming is something Equalizer takes great pride in in South Africa
As a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural and seed equipment, the company’s products help farmers reduce costs, increase efficiency and achieve higher profits
To achieve this, Strenx high-strength structural steel is at the heart of the design process
According to Equalizer, the design of a planter or planter for cultivation is very similar to the design of a bridge
The ratio of weight and strength should be perfectly balanced
To overcome weight and strength challenges, Equalizer treated all large tillers and tillers with high-strength structural steel

High Strength Structural Pipe

This advanced thinking led to the balancer being a high-strength tube during design
This opened many doors and allowed for a wider range and more variety of products
To address potential issues like high-frequency load cycles caused by vibration when operating in coarse soils, Equalizer will work closely with SSAB to determine the correct steel tube content and thickness strategy for each future component

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